Sunday Services


Sunday 4th December: Worship Service, Congregational Carol Service

Sunday 18th December: Worship Service, Aleks Zglinska

All worship services take place at 11.00am at
Northampton Unitarians Meeting House

Sunday Services

Our Community Development Coordinator, Aleks Zglinska, leads one service a month for us, on 3rd Sundays. Otherwise we rely on members of the congregation and other invited individuals (such as ministers and leaders of other Unitarian congregations or of other faiths) to lead our worship. It works very well.


Congregational Services

Two or three times a year, a theme (such as Peace, New Beginnings) will be announced in advance. Then each member of the congregation will prepare a short contribution on that theme, and will deliver it on the day. We have had some memorable services using this idea.

We place great emphasis on having a collective act of worship, which includes time for prayer, reflection and meditation, as well as hymn singing.

In our readings, we draw inspiration from the sacred books of many faiths, including the Bible, as well as from any source which the service taker chooses.

We usually discuss the theme of the address informally at the end of each service, followed by coffee and biscuits. This after-service session can sometimes be the best bit!

All are very welcome!