Left on its own an ember goes out, but put a group of embers together and they will glow

We Welcome New Members!

When you feel that Northampton Unitarians is your spiritual home, and you no longer view yourself as a visitor, we invite you to think about becoming a member of our congregation.  New members bring new ideas, new skills, and new energy, further strengthening our diverse Community.

First Steps

Before applying for membership of our congregation, we want you to understand who we are and what we stand for, visiting and participating as you can to determine if our Church is right for you.  As a benchmark, we would expect you to attend our services and other events over a period of at least six months before joining.  If you’re moving from being a member of a different Unitarian congregation, then this time would be shorter.

The Meaning of Membership

Membership indicates that you are in agreement with the Community’s Unitarian ethos.  Ours is a non-creedal religion, meaning each person is free to define their own faith.  We do not ask our members to accept a particular doctrine: our theologically diverse Community brings together theists, humanists, agnostics and those who have come from many different paths.  Unitarianism emphasises free inquiry and respect for the beliefs of others. We support and encourage each individual’s religious and spiritual growth as we share in life’s journey together.

 Benefits of Membership

  • Members get support from our minister and access to rites of passage
  • Members are entitled to influence decision-making in our Community by
  • Voting at the church Annual General Meeting
  • Standing for office on the Management Committee
  • Members are also entitled to vote in the Executive Committee elections of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (‘the GA’)
  • Members create the foundation of all of the work of the church: enjoy the warm glow which comes from knowing you are supporting our many and varied activities in the Community!

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Attend and participate in church activities as often as you can and wish
  • Contribute financially, as you are able, to support the work of our Community
  • Supporting the working of the congregation, as you are able, for example by
  • Helping with setting up/clearing on Sunday morning
  • Taking part in the planning and leading of worship
  • Helping with maintenance of the church building
  • Supporting the Congregation Committee (or even being on it!)
  • Attending district and denominational events in the wider movement

How to Join

If you are considering becoming a member, please speak to Sue, our Minister.  If you decide to join, you will need to submit an application form to our Congregation Committee. We also ask for a membership minimum subscription (currently £48) that covers the quota payment that we make to the central Unitarian GA organisation on behalf of each registered member of the congregation, and is a small contribution towards the costs of our services and our building.  If you can, please consider making a regular donation, through gift-aid if applicable, to contribute to the running of our church. Please do discuss with Sue if you have any difficulty with the membership subscription.  We welcome new members and financial considerations should not prevent anybody from joining.

Celebrating Membership

The joining of a new member is to be celebrated, and we would announce your membership at next appropriate service, so you could be welcomed by the congregation as a whole.

We also ask all members to re-affirm their membership annually at the start of each year.  We hold a special membership service once a year at which the commitment of new and long-standing members of the Community is celebrated.

With thanks to Cheltenham & Gloucester Unitarians