Our Minister

Sue-Woolley-by-Alison-Harradine-300x300Our minister is Rev. Sue Woolley. She has been District Facilitator of the Midland Unitarian Association since 2008, then District Minister and Minister of the Banbury Unitarian Fellowship since 2012. She joins us as quarter-time minister from 1st January 2016.

She has been a Unitarian since the age of 18, when she read Alfred Hall’s book Beliefs of A Unitarian (PDF) and realised she had come home.

When she and her husband moved to Northampton in 1988, Sue was delighted to find that there was an active Unitarian congregation there, then led by Peter Galbraith in our old church in Abington Square, and soon became involved in the life of the congregation. After a few years’ break when her children were small, she reconnected with Northampton Unitarians in 1998, and has been associated with the congregation ever since.

Before training for ministry, Sue was a professional librarian for 25 years. She first led worship at Northampton Unitarians in 2001, which was the start of the long process towards training for ministry. The congregation has supported her through this, and in return she has been their Secretary and Newsletter Editor since 2003, and has led worship there more or less regularly for the past 14 years.

She describes herself as a “Quakerly-inclined Unitarian”, and believes in the sovereign importance of compassion.

She cares passionately about Unitarianism, and is keen to maintain and grow the Unitarian witness in the Northampton area.